Recipe Testing

  • Posted On: 28 April 2016
Recipe Testing

I don’t know if it’s the spring in the air or what, but over this last month we’ve been feeling a little inspired in the commercial kitchen. Every now and then we like to bury our noses in cooking books and spend the afternoon testing out new and exciting recipes. All this cooking and eating… it’s really hard work. Honestly.

Earlier in the year, Beth brought in some coffee custard doughnuts that she’d made and since then we’ve been itching to have a go ourselves. The real test was making the doughnuts small enough so that they could be used as a canapé, or as part of a buffet. The recipe was simple enough; an enriched dough like any other, but the process was slightly more complicated. The dough was left to double in size, before being knocked back and left in the fridge over night. This time allowed for the dough to increase in flavour and in lightness, so that when the doughnuts were shaped, proved and fried, they were like little sugar-coated clouds. Then we filled them with a simple vanilla custard. The great thing is the flavour can be easily adapted; from jams and curds, to chocolate mousse and fruit creams. The possibilities are endless!

We must’ve been having sugar cravings or something, because we also tested out a recipe for Chocolate, Almond and Orange Biscotti. If you can recall the skills test on The Great British Bake off, you’ll remember that biscotti means ‘twice-cooked’ in Italian, referring to the way it is baked as a whole piece of dough, and then again when the pieces have been cut. It was a relatively simple recipe to follow, but the skill was drying the biscotti out so that the end result had that signature crunch. They went down very well during our afternoon coffee break.

There’ll be many more recipes to come over the next few months, so keep an eye out for our recipe testing posts. And feel free to get in touch if something tickles your fancy, we will happily adapt things so that it features on your menu!

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